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How- I Served Tea To The Prince Of Wales

If I said it was a dream come true, I would be lying... I never even dreamed that this would ever happen. On Friday, June 30, 2017 My wife and I were endowed with the great honour of serving tea to the future king of England-

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles.)



Anyone that knows me, would tell you Daniel is NEVER nervous; maybe it's die tp the fact that I'm always prancing around the city in some crazy costume or making the creepiest Instagram dance videos... Whatever it is, being nervous is just not my thing.

On the other hand (literally) My palms were drenched in sweat as The Prince began to walk in my direction.. I began to be tormented by the thought of the tea being cold, or bitter or maybe i would spill it on him or worst, what if he didn't even want tea! Anyways, long fairytale short, none of the mentioned above scenarios happened. In fact, HRH actually loved the tea and said it was absolutely brilliant! After about a 2 minute conversation with Prince Charles, he proceed on to the next group on individuals to strike up another casual conversation. POW! That's when things really got faint-worthy... in the middle of his conversation, I looked on as he took his took his last sip of tea (The Famous Lion Chai From T By Daniel) and then motioned something about the tea to his assistant and pointed in my direction... 


What did I do? Maybe he didn't like it? A tall British man dressed in a 2 piece suit came towards my life and I, holding the Prince's empty tea cup in his hands. He said, "It seems HRH (His Royal Highness) really enjoyed his tea... It's all done. Seconds later one of the ladies who The Prince was speaking with last, ran over to me with the biggest expression of amazement and said, " OMG! The Prince loved your tea! He actually interrupted our conversation to express how much he was really enjoying his tea! And he went on to say that it was the best tea he has ever had!

I fainted.

Ok I didn't, but seriously I was light headed at this moment. This is a tea company's highest achievement, to serve tea to anyone from The Royal Family... and on top of all that, he claims it's the best tea he has ever had! Finally HRH exited the hangar at the army base in Trenton, ON - where he made his appearance, and then came the cherry on top... The Prince's official representative and president of The Prince's Charities of Canada came over to my wife and I and said, "The Prince absolutely loved his tea and claimed it was the best tea he has ever had and he sent her to get the recipe and inquire how we made it, as he would like to bring it back home with him to share with his family.

I fainted for real.

Ok I didn't but honestly, I should have. Well.. this was obviously nothing short of the most amazing moment of my entire life and i'll conclude this account with a brief life lesson that can be applied in all aspects of life, business, relationships etc...

Since my magical royal encounter many people have asked me the same question over and over, "HOW DID YOU GET TO SERVE TEA TO THE PRINCE OF WALES?"

My response: The Prince Of Wales has a charity called The Prince's Charities Of Canada, and their main responsibility is to advocate for various issues in our society that stem from a deep concern of HRH The Prince. These issues include but ar not limited to: poverty, homelessness & affordable housing, youth unemployment etc.. These are things He really cares about, so PCC (Prince's Charities Canada) tackles these issues. Three years ago I volunteered my time to speak in a well known, rough community where youth are faced with multi barriers. It was called the Youth Launchpad, and I joined a few other business leaders to help motivate, inspire  and provide knowledge and resources for the youth in attendance, in hopes that they can rocket launch their dreams and aspirations. It was a very impactful and successful event. Oh! and I just wanted to reiterate, my compensation for this was $0... Just some good Ol passion work!

Months went by and I continued to volunteer my time on several occasions to once again help inspire, motivate and contribute to the many issues that were on the PCC's agenda, we built a great relationship and I continued to take interest in what they stood for. 

Fast forward to June 2017, HRH announced his royal tour to Canada, specifically that he be making a brief stop in Trenton, ON at the army base to meet with the veterans. He made a special request to have some time set aside for tea... Aha! The organizers who I have long since built a great relationship with, remembered that my wife and I happen to own a tea company ( T By Daniel ) and lo and behold, there in my inbox was a royal invite to serve tea to Prince Charles.

What's my whole point in sharing this story with you? Simple. My goal is to strengthen the belief that when we don't make money a focus in our life, we often find ourselves achieving the most wildest measures of success! If I had guided my decision to work with PCC based on a price tag, I would have very well missed out on an amazing opportunity to build a relationship, impact a young person, strengthen a community; how many opportunities are you potentially missing out on in your life because you're blinded by the $$$. Money is a very important tool, that we should always strive to have, to use and distribute effectively. Money should never be a focus. This "crazy " belief of mine that  MANY people would love to debate in a heart beat has been the number one ingredient to the success of my company, relationship and my life. Heck, it's the reason I got to serve tea to The Prince Of Wales!

So, with all that being said, this entire royal experience to me, is more of a result than just an achievement. If we love people genuinely, if we strive to help others, if we focus on impacting people's lives in a positive way... MAGICAL THINGS CAN HAPPEN.

What are you focused on?

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