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How to start a successful business with only $100!

To be completely honest, starting a successful business is a lot less about how much money you have, and far more dependant on one's self-discipline, creativity, emotional intelligence and ingenuity (basically another word for creativity but sounds smarter.)

Seriously! Give any real entrepreneur $100 and they'll give you back a six figure generating business if not a fortune 500 (That's a stretch, but you get my point.)

You may be at the breaking point of your life, where your 9-5 job is literally driving you insane and you need a drastic change. Perhaps you've been contemplating starting a business for years and now you're finally ready to make the move but you don't know where or how to start.


1) BUY A NOTEBOOK (Cost = $1.00 CAD + Tax)

And no, by notebook I don't mean apple notebook air 3.9 or whatever generation we stopped at last. I mean a literal, lined paper notebook at your local dollar store. Crazy right? This is the part where you're probably thinking; the person writing this article is a lunatic and probably high off caffeine in the middle of the night. Well, you're right about the last part...

You see, many people mistakenly think that every BIG business is built by some BIG shot launching some BIG idea and taking on some BIG debt load with BIG risk in order to make some BIG return and then BOOM! - Success happens. On the contrary, most BIG businesses and successful ventures all started with a small idea, a small change, a small improvement to something that already existed or a small amount of money invested into a well constructed plan. It is this very truth that lead me to my local dollar store to purchase "The Shiny Green Book!"

The Shiny Green Book was my first purchase when contemplating starting a business and it proved to be one of the best investments into my future and was the primary tool that was used in order to achieve success. I really hope by now you're wondering why? Ok, hear me out. It's a very psychological effect. On day uno ( number 1 in Spanish) of my entrepreneurial journey, I entered the reality zone: The reality was that moment when I realized that I had just quit my 9-5 job (which was paying me well and always had tasks so beautifully outlined for me to do every single day when I got to work,) and now I'm self employed and I have no clue what to do or where to start.

[Enter notebook on stage 3]

This is where the The Green Shiny book came into play. I opened that tiny, green notebook and saw the blank pages staring at me, waiting for me to make the first move as the founder. The empty lines literally cried out to me, "what do we do first CEO?" and suddenly, ashamed by the nakedness of it's pages and constant howling at me, I began to write:

- Google _______ suppliers

- Research ________ and categorize my findings

- Purchase a laptop

- Come up with a business name

etc. etc.

The Green Book was eventually filled as the tasks became more an more frequent, more and important and eventually more and more profitable. Want to start a business? Go buy a notebook.

2) REGISTER THE BUSINESS (Cost = $65 CAD + Tax (Not Incorporated) )

My heart bled on the previous tip, so I'll spare you the article agony. I don't think... In fact, i'm certain that you cannot start a successful business, unless you actually start the business. (Take a second on that one.)

The hardest part of getting started is simply getting started. People often toy around with the idea of starting a business, sometimes, they even complete tip #1 and buy a fancy notebook. Heck! Some people even come up with a name, logo and slogan. Great job! But Gonzalez you're missing one, incy, wincy, tiny, very important step... REGISTER THE BUSINESS!

I'll end this tip with a quote my dad so beautifully relayed to me. "Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion."

3) BUY A COFFEE or a TEA (Cost = $3 CAD + Tax)

I'll be clear on my stance here, I much rather you buy a tea than a coffee. (Do your research and you'll chuckle when you find out why.) But on a more serious note, do not underestimate the power of "a chill moment." This is when the entrepreneur/aspiring entrepreneur just STOPS for a hot second (no pun intended) to gather their thoughts, to ask questions in themselves like, " what am I doing?" "What am I getting my self into?" "Is this worth it?" "What does success look like to me?" These are very important questions that should be answered before you hit the track running (further reference to speedy Gonzalez in case you missed it above.) The more successful your venture becomes, the less time you will have to sit down and enjoy an earl grey or espresso. TRUST ME!

Grab a beverage (non-alcoholic) find a local cafe or coffee shop, grab a seat and dive inside of you. This step will be critical in determining the success and longevity of our business.



Ahh c'mon, why not? You get double the loyalty reward points.


Leaving you with approximately $20 to invest in some cool books to help educate yourself on business or use as you wish. Congratulations! You just started your business with only $100!

What business are you on the fence about? Let me know in the comments an i'll be sure send you any relevant resources. If youre looking for a mentor that will help you from the initial idea stages all the way through to the launch of your business. Im your guy!

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