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Are You Living, Or Are You Lazy? What's The Difference?

As I sit down in this rustic, french-inspired cozy cafe, in the middle of old port Montreal, I am taken captive by the most beautiful thoughts about living. Maybe it's the narrow brick roads, maybe it's the cafe tables made of distressed wood, or maybe it's the soft french music gently playing in the background... Whatever it is, I am truly in love with this place and most importantly this moment. 

You're thinking, "GREAT!" Now what does that have to do with you?

Fair question. I would consider it robbery not to share this experience, and what is has taught me about life and simplicity. I walked into this cute cafe with the intention of tackling my daily responsibilities of opening up my laptop and chucking away at numerous amount of emails that have piled up due to my busy travel agenda.

Although this would seem like the "responsible" thing to do or the "appropriate" thing to do, I looked around at the charming atmosphere and magical moment and immediately scrapped the idea of "working" and instead decided to take pictures, and write down my thoughts and experiences.

Am I living or lazy?

Let's explore the difference between the two!


Living is simply an understanding that one must eventually come to, understand and appreciate. Living intact has nothing to do with what one has accomplished, but instead the fact that breathing is already an accomplishment that we have all been privileged with. When we live, we become more comfortable with the "here and now" and ALL that comes with it ( the good, the bad, the in-between.) I mean, think about it, every morning when we wake up, life doesn't sit us down in a boardroom and negotiate with us how much good fortune or bad fortune we are going to experience for the day. Nope. It just happens, and we are forced to deal with it, adapt to it, change our attitude about it and learn from it. 

When a person decides to put a pause on life's many demands or work's many demands, the question that should then be addressed, is why? In my case, answering emails and setting up more meetings and paying invoices and creating advertisements would require me to be absent from the beauty of this unique moment, and to ignore the REAL purpose of why I actually work in the first place! Now that's not smart living. Whether we work today or rest today, we must be conscious of the fact that we are doing our best with the breath that is in us. Sometimes, doing nothing can be far more productive than doing everything, if by doing nothing we gain more appreciation for life itself.


Let's just keep this short and straight to the point. Being lazy is simply neglecting responsibilities and hoping to gain something more rewarding than that which is offered by getting things done. Lazy is not an action, it's a mentality. As my dad once explained, "some people do nothing, don't work, don't volunteer, don't move, don't do anything at all, but for some reason they are expecting a magical cheque to appear in the mail." I mean seriously, even to win the lottery requires work. You have to scratch something, or peel something, or spin something, or research something etc...

If I decided not to pull out my laptop and work every time I stepped into a cute cafe, long gone would be the days that I am able to step into a cute cafe. I can' just expect this amazing magical moment, if I have done nothing to get here. Balance is key, and a lazy person does not understand this truth. Lazy is not about whether one has a job or a career or not, lazy is about what one applies their mind to on a daily basis. If you don't work or have a job to do, can it be said that you utilize the free time that you do have to at least help enrich the lives of others who maybe are working to attain free time? This can be as simple as a child cleaning up his or her room so that their hard working parents don't have to come home from a long days work and worry about this extra task. If in our "free time" we are not appreciating our life or the life of others. We are lazy.

Expectation without implementation is foolish.

(To be honest, I really just wanted to make a rhyming quote, but it actually wasn't half bad.)

So if you find yourself doing a lot today, or if you find yourself doing absolutely nothing at all today, don't be too stressed about it, just ask yourself, "why?"

Dang, my coffee's cold now.  Time to get to work ;)

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