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Monday Fun-Day?

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

When I worked in the 9-5 world, Mondays were like a weekly doomsday that just kept coming back....over and over again.

 It meant that my weekend, (which use to mean having two full days off to do whatever I liked, were coming to a crashing halt.)

 The sound of the alarm would go off, and I'd hit snooze about 8 times. I would contemplate how much I really needed the job, and would dream of the day when I would own my own business, where I could make my own hours, have financial freedom, and a team of people working for me. Oh, how much simpler life would be...

 Then I realized that I was actually dreaming, and that I only had 30 minutes to freshen up, get dressed and eat breakfast if I was planning to make it to work on time.

And this cycle would continue year after year. Anybody out there in the same boat?

 Monday's were like trying to fit into a pair of jeans that are too tight. It was uncomfortable, straining and just downright dreadful. I longed for a change, and eventually, after many years alas, my change did come.

 When we started our first venture in 2011, I began to realize that the glories of owning my own business were not as sparkly and glamorous as I once dreamed it to be. The amount of work and effort that went into developing our ideas, finding the right products and getting our business off the ground was far from the pictures I had in my mind of what owning a business would be like. Where was the men and women sitting in boardrooms eating gourmet sushi, dressed in the classiest suits? Where was the team members, the expensive dinners, and the business class travel tickets? And most of all, why do I feel like I've never actually 'worked' a day in my life until now?

 My "once 40 hour work week" immediately transformed into a whopping 80-90 hour work week, doubling the load  I was used to and leaving me with just about enough time to shower and sleep.

Business taught me two very important things in regards to time. Seize the day as much as you possibly can. Time becomes more precious than money, because when you run your own business, you only reap what you sow. So while everyone is gone to the cottage for the long weekend, you have to stay in your little home office and work. or even book into trade shows to try and sell your products and build your business.

Business also taught me that Monday's are a gift. After a long tiring week, I could always depend on the course of time to bring me another Monday. A fresh start. A new beginning. I could leave the cares of the week before behind me (for the most part) and move forward into a week I had never seen before.

 If you feel stuck into your 9-5, dreading Mondays, with an entrepreneurial desire trapped inside of you, I challenge you to change your perspective this week, and begin to see Mondays like an entrepreneur does. A fresh new beginning. 

 If there's a time to try something new, start something, or change your routine, there is no greater day to start than Monday.

Well, that toast ain't going to butter it self!

Go get em!

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