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Money V.S You!

This past week while having a casual conversation with my dad, he shared with me what I think is easily one of the most powerful statements concerning money. He said, "The dangerous thing about having a lot of money is that, with it you can afford to be who you're not." BANG! That's a classic one for the books. Now let's discuss that for a second, what was my dad really saying?

After my astonished facial expression had subsided, I decided to dig a little deeper and really find out the heart of what my dad what saying.

The perspective of this quote really speaks to the person that defines their own personal value based on the amount of money they possess. My dad explained, if a person values them-self according to the money they have, then everything that can be done with money can also be done with that person...

Example: If money can lose value (Canadian Dollar) then you too can also lose value. If money can be wasted or taken for granted, you can also be taken for granted. This even applies to the basic use of money; if money can be used, you can be used. There are so many other examples of how a direct attachment to money can be a very negative thing. Now this is in no way a blog that is written to encourage you not to have money, but instead to encourage the necessity of making a clear distinction between who YOU really are inside irrespective of the money you have.

Money has the ability to place you in a room full of people you would otherwise never desire to be with based on personal or moral values, but sadly the $000000 at the end of your bank statement really mean a lot in today's society. Having a lot of money can put you in a position of power, like Oh-I-don't know... President of a powerful country, even though most would agree, the basic respect that is required to hold this position is completely trumped. (No puns intended.)

Lastly, I'll share a short story that I heard last week about a young entrepreneur in my local community when he was asked the question: What made you decide to take the leap into entrepreneurship?

His response was this: I was working a 9-5 job and one day I was in the parking lot when I saw the boss of my company drive up, sporting a luxury high end car. When he came out of his car, I said to him, " WOW! That's a really nice car!" He responded, " Oh, do you like that? Well if you work very hard, and continue to put in those extra hours and pick up those extra shifts... by next year I'll have a nicer one."

Enough Said.


Thanks for reading, feel free to leave your comments below!

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