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Most Businesses Die Here...

I didn't mean that most businesses die here as in here on my blog site...  

My writing's not that boring. Unfortunately, most businesses die ... (dramatic music)

 in the parking lot of a bank.


You betcha.

Though not a fact but instead a factual observation if that makes any sense. The stinging feeling of defeat as that- once ambitious entrepreneur exits the bank and into the parking lot, after hearing "you have not been approved" for that much needed bank loan or line of credit, is enough to shatter any entrepreneurs dreams. Was that a run on sentence? Yes. Have I been that somber entrepreneur in the parking lot? Yes. Is there a way to survive this scary reality? Yes.

Success is a car that is fuelled by passion. The most successful people of all time understood this, and therefore made sure that they always carried enough supply of "fuel." My heart breaks for the person who sits in their vehicle in that bank parking lot with tears in their eyes and the sad realization that the business they once dreamed of launching isn't going to launch or even worst, the business they started and poured their blood sweat and tears into, will be forced to close because they just don't have enough money to keep it a float.

But if you'll allow me to be crazy for one minute, just one minute...I would like to take you back to the time when your dreams gave birth. You jumped out of your sleep with excitement, or you ran home to share your Aha! moment with your loved ones, or you sat dazed in that coffee shop as your wild business venture began to materialize in your mind. It was a beautiful moment wasn't it? And did yo notice the one thing that wasn't there in that magical moment? Your wallet, or your bank book. Money didn't give us our dreams, so we shouldn't let money take them away! There's enough money in the world to finance anyone's dream, but there's not enough people in the world that can envision success outside of the limitations of money. This is why failure is so frequent and success is so rare.

Now I know this may sound more like poetry than a business blog, but hey, snap your fingers if you must. When we dreamed we were free, there were no limitations, there were no disapprovals or credit cheques. Just possibilities and magic. Are you really willing to let one bank advisor steal that from you? I  sure wasn't. I turned every 'NO' into motivation that drove me to persevere even more, and as I began to see success, I realized that passion was more profitable than money an money was attracted to passion.

So if you're "in the bank parking lot" reading this blog right now and feeling like failure is in the near distance and that your dreams are impossible to achieve, get out of the parking lot and back on the road, that's where the real drive is.

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