• Daniel M. Lewis

One Check That Will Change Your Life.

Ahhh! Fresh ocean breeze, blazing sun, toasty white sand slipping in between your toes...

Sounds like the "good life" doesn't it? I always wondered, how much money would I need to actually live that kind of life? Just imagine with me for a second won't you! If someone was to write you that magic number on a cheque to solve all your problems and allow you to live the "good life" what would that cheque be?

Luckily for me, that day happened and that dream came true, but the cheque was not exactly what I had expected...

There is only one cheque that can change anyone's life.....

and that is a 'REALITY CHECK!' Pardon the puns, but seriously give me two minutes to plead my case. A reality check is the most sobering moment in someones life where they just STOP everything, slow everything down, put everything on pause and for moment take in their surroundings, and their current state. The frequent question that usually arrives from this tranquil moment is, " What on earth am I really doing with my life?" or "What do I really want from this life?" This is a great place to be!

The moment I received my first reality check (after about 21 years) I finally realized that I was not going to be the "Worlds Greatest Rapper," I was not going to spend my days on luxury tour busses with the top Supermodels and I was not going to travel the world in one year on private jet planes. When this fantasy died, I finally started living. The reality check didn't take anything away from me, it only helped me realize my REAL opportunities and my REAL desires and my REAL successes! 

Instead of trying to become the "World's Greatest Rapper" I used that same drive and determination to become employee of the month in the company I was working for. Within those four walls, I was actually able to stand out, make a huge impact, and move up in the company. The promotions resulted in me getting many raises and furthering my life and my skills in an amazing way!

Instead of touring on luxury busses with top supermodels, I actually fell in love with my childhood sweetheart that I met when I was only 8 years old, got married and have been travelling to many beautiful places all around the world be it luxury style or on a simple city transit bus or cab. It's great and I could never be happier!

Oh, and the jet planes... My reality check also helped me realized that I can comfortably afford economy class flights with the occasional business class flight, and I'm actually quite satisfied with the mini pretzel or peanut packages and apple juice or tea! P.s. You meet some great people on those flights sometimes as well!

What's my point? I'm not saying don't dream BIG and don't reach for the stars and don't chase your millions and jet planes etc... No, instead I'm saying spend more time living and exploring your current reality, than killing yourself chasing your dreams.

"You only have one life to live and one day at a time to live it. Success is usually found in the most simplest of places and obtained in the most simplest of ways." - D.Lewis

Breathe easy.

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