• Daniel M. Lewis

Why Being The Boss Sucks!

So there I sat in my first interview in one of the most awkward conversations... 

Oh, and by first interview I meant I was the interviewer asking the questions to an incredibly nervous teenager who refused to look at me. On a side note I'm really not that ugly.


I've always been super outgoing, down to earth and graciously accepting of the fact that I'm the class clown that has never quite changed. These are personality traits I'm proud of because they're very real to me. However, the moment I took on this title of CEO- Founder-President... BOSS of my company, I was no longer perceived as a cool fun guy, but instead as the distributor of pay cheques and terminator of Jobs.


It's because of the "Why So Serious!" Stereotypes that are associated with "bosses" that I decided to instill a new perspective into my workplace and work environment. I let all my employees know that "I am NOT your boss! I am your employer, simply because I have offered you employement." FHEW! That gets rid of this whole mean faced connotation that my staff were automatically associating with me.

Many people may not agree with my thinking and that's ok, that's why it's my thinking LOL. Now please don't get it confused, in no way have I compromised the level of respect that I expect from my employees and vice versa, it's just that I don't think my title is what deserves the respect but rather my 'lead by example attitude', my work ethic, my respect to my team, my open door office policy, my transparency, my genuine interest in their growth, these are the qualities that demand the respect.  Right? 

I have always viewed Bosses as  the evil monster lord that you have to battle at the end of each level in your favourite video game. Uhhh. Not quite my style.

Even with this new understanding in my company, sometimes my employees still try to rush and hide their phones when I walk in the store and pretend that they've been cleaning lol... that's just funny. Some things will never change.

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