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You're Not Rich, Because You're Too Hungry!

That's the sound of the average persons appetite for daily satisfaction. Every single day the average person occupies their time pursuing things that will grant them temporal satisfaction instead of longevity and sustainable wealth and resources.

This is why they find themselves in the same place year after year and will continue to be in the same place for the next 5-10 years! They're more interested in being consumers instead of producers.

Daniel Ally, an international business expert, 3 times best selling author and self made millionaire at age 24, wrote a thought provoking article about 10 Ways Millionaires Set Their Goals and I wanted to highlight one of the points he made as it so seamlessly correlates with my own keynote presentation about "Never chasing money, but instead providing value.." 

Here's a short self quiz for you to take:

 In the last month did you...

• Eat a pizza or make a pizza from scratch?

• Watch a movie or produce a movie?

• Shop for new clothes or stitch new threads together?

• Make a cup of coffee or establish a relationship with a coffee plantation in a coffee producing country?

Millionaires are not consumers, instead they focus on being producers!

While average people are out everyday looking to consume products and services, millionaires are working their butts off trying to figure out how to supply these sought after products and services in the most effective and fastest way. This is why they are millionaires. In the process they get to enjoy consuming fabulous things as well, but its not their focus.

Daniel Ally outlined this point in his blog article which I urge you all to read!

In a nutshell, you'll be far more successful when you focus on giving instead of always getting.

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